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space where nobody is

This body of work may be considered as a continuation of “nothing is really very frightening” (2020), which was exhibited during Photo Fringe 2020.


During the exhibition at the Regency Town House I presented an aluminium sculpture. The presence of this object at floor level created an obstacle, which the visitor had to navigate in order to view the artworks on the wall. The dimensions of each sheet of metal was 1 metre square and represented the social distancing rules that were enforced at that time.


Due to the timing of the exhibition all visitors were required to wear masks and the gallery adhered to the COVID-19 guidelines. Therefore, I was curious to explore the potential for contamination of surface in this COVID secure environment.


On the last day of the exhibition I created a grid on the surface of the top, exposed sheet of metal and swabbed these individual areas and placing these samples into 37 agar filled petri dishes, that I had prepared.

The sealed petri dishes, in which they still continue to grow, have allowed these organisms to become visible yet isolated from our world, existing in their own space and time.

The images, on this page,  are of the photographs and the sculpture of  'nothing is really very frightening' which was exhibited at The Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Hove from the 20th to 25th October 2020

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