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little others


Within the familiar surroundings of our domestic space exists a world of photographic possibilities. By forcing together the surfaces and objects of the everyday I aim to transform the ordinary and potentially place it within the realm of the extraordinary. As with every body of work I create, the images in this series were all photographed using natural light available within the domestic space of my kitchen. The interior of an aluminium biscuit tin, exposed to bright sunlight, was used as a makeshift studio/background.


Each of the tiny, temporary sculptures created for little others consist of everyday substances, both banal and bodily, held within a manmade membrane (Cling Film). Having been chewed, ripped and cut these sculptures are presented in a state of imminent collapse. This results in these everyday materials being metamorphosed into the “other”; no longer identifiable, existing ambiguously in both state and space and therefore allowing the viewer to exercise a degree of autonomy in authorship, context and interpretation.


The photographs, printed on matte photographic paper, are reminiscent of paintings and are presented within glassless frames. In this form they not only serve as an indexical record of the individual sculptures brief existence, but they also mirror their physical fragility.

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