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Surface of Supposition


Through the use of appropriated imagery, I explore the physical presence and properties of the photograph, as a unique object. This object may have served many purposes throughout its life and undertaken a wide variety of roles. These roles may include evidence of an event or possibly even evidence of an individuals identity for the purposes of a passport photograph. However, the surface of each photograph is individual and can be likened to the very skin that enshrouds every one of us. Similar to skin it bears the scars of the life it has lived, creases and folds demonstrates how it has been stored and cared for. The paper surface is not flat, it is textured, and the tiny grooves bear more than a passing resemblance to our very own skin.


The process of photographing the surface of the original photograph results in the image of the person becoming distorted and blurred. These new, digital reincarnations may be seen to have reactivated that which was once displaced and discarded; lost in both context and place.

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